4 Boyne Terrace


Hygge refurbished this handsome 4 bedroom house to exacting standards. A fine example of Georgian classical style architecture. There is an air of grandeur and elegance about 4 Boyne Terrace.

The works consisted of the external refurbishment of the building, including the provision of new leadwork, crack repair, and re-decoration and the major refurbishment of the interior, with emphasis on the formal areas.

A spiral cellar some 3 metres deep was sunk into the dining room floor and with it's walk on glass door and LED lighting creates quite the focal point.

The rear garden of the property was layed to a formal kitchen garden, a raised pergola added and Espalier fruit trees planted to wallside beds.

"Thank you very much Hygge, we love our new home. The extra care and time taken by your employees and sub-contractors was impressive as they worked to meet every deadline. Throughout the whole build process we were kept informed and the end product is stunning. We particularly love our Spiral Cellar."

Adv. D. Benest